Parish School of Religion (PSR)

It is a privilege and the purpose of Saint Columbkille Parish School of Religion to assist parents and guardians in the ongoing effort of preparing children for roles as Catholics in today’s society. Parents or guardians are children’s first and most important teachers. It is their duty and responsibility to nurture their children in the Catholic faith. The dedicated PSR staff at Saint Columbkille shares in this vital work.

Classes are held for children in the first through the eighth grade in the public school system and begin in September. Classes are held on Monday afternoons and evenings.

Children learn by example and by seeing their faith lived out at home. Parents and guardians have a responsibility of creating an atmosphere within the home where children can learn and grow in their Catholic faith. It is the objective of our Parish School of Religion to continue that example of Catholic family life through an atmosphere filled with the love of God and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Please contact the PSR Office at 216-524-1987 x43 or send a message using the form below.